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Perception Reviews

You can't influence what you don't fully comprehend. There are times when business decision making and planning need the benefit of a broader dimension of understanding and a sharper level of insight to guide and help prioritise management actions.

What is a Perception Review? What does it involve?

It follows the same three phased structure as a Client Service Review. The difference is that a perception review can be conducted amongst a range of different stakeholder or influence groups and the findings are amalgamated but not specifically attributed. Highlights of the findings are often presented or distributed back to the respondents as a positive initiative for relationship building/ knowledge sharing.

External Perception Review

Why undertake an External Review?

External perception reviews help an organisation understand its reputation in the marketplace. On a qualitative basis, this kind of review provides insight into how an organisation is perceived with regard to image and performance, how it measures up against competitors and the expectations of different market segments.

What kind of markets does it address?

They can be wide ranging or focused on a specific segment. A wide ranging review might include a mix of intermediaries, key influencers, suppliers, clients, lost clients and prospects.

What subject areas might it cover?

A wide ranging review would encompass a broad range of subjects and issues relevant to the firm, such as perceptions of the brand, market positioning and activities, perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, strategic priorities and areas for improvement. Areas of relevance would be defined for targeted segment reviews. If a perception review is narrowly targeted, for example against lost tender prospects, then the nature of the questioning will be specific and the feedback can be attributable.

Internal Perception Review

Why undertake an Internal Perception Review?

An Internal Perception Review helps a company gain an important internal perspective on the nature and compatibility of views within its own organisation. It enables management to gain fuller understanding of insights and aspirations for the company held by internal stakeholders, as well as issues within its business.

The review process provides an impartial, constructive framework within with people can say what they really think. The resulting strategic report provides the opportunity for management to share feedback as part of a consensus building, collaborative approach to bringing expectations and delivery closer together.

An Internal Perception Review can play an important role in contributing to the communication processes required by ISO 9001:2000.

Who would be involved?

Dependent on the size of the company and on the objectives, the respondents can be selected from across the organisation or on the basis of agreed departmental or managerial criteria.

What areas might it cover?

Subject areas can be wide ranging or focused on specific issues. An Internal Review may mirror an External Review covering similar strategic areas and issues. This provides the opportunity to analyse how closely the two are aligned.

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