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Client Service & Project Reviews

The better you understand your clients, the better you can serve them - and secure them. Obtaining client feedback is critical, how you get it depends on what you want to know.

Client Service Reviews

What is a Client Service Review?

It is an objective, in depth review, based on client feedback, of the quality of service delivered by a service team to a key client. It deals with the intangibles as well as the tangibles, expectation and perception as well as performance assessment.

Why undertake a Client Service review?

Loyalty and profitability are maximised by satisfying clients. Clearly therefore, organisations should do best what matters most to clients. To achieve this, requires insight into the client's perspective - a clear and realistic grasp of what is important to clients, what are their requirements and expectations, to what extent are they perceived as being met and how can they be exceeded.

Customer satisfaction measurement is such an important driver of business improvement that it is central to the revised ISO 9001:2000 certification and audit requirements. A Client Service Review programme can play an important role in meeting these requirements.

What does it involve?

A Client Service Review programme is usually structured into three phases and tailored to specific requirements: briefing/programme development; in depth face to face interviews; documentation/ debriefing/ analysis/recommendations.

What does it deliver?

A Client Service Review programme enhances an organisation's understanding of its clients, their levels of satisfaction and loyalty, their view of the relationship, the service they receive and the values they place on service attributes.

The resulting feedback can have significant impact- identifying issues, surfacing unspoken concerns, highlighting threats to the relationship and areas of improvement, revealing future opportunities.

Where does it lead?

The output from a Client Service Review can directly influence and guide management actions to improve service delivery. It can also provide the knowledge basis and impetus for the development of a Client Relationship Management Programme.

Project Reviews

What is a Project Review?

A Project Review objectively records the level of client satisfaction on a particular project. It is conducted by means of an interview or series of interviews that can take place at specific and set stages of a project cycle, or following project completion.

How does it differ from a Client Service Review?

A project review is less wide ranging. It deals mainly with the specific aspects of 'how is the work going?', whereas a Client Service Review is mainly focused on 'how is the relationship going?' A Project Review takes place with the person or people responsible for running the project, rather than at senior level and is more structured in its approach, using a pre agreed questionnaire format rather than open prompts. 

Why undertake a Project Review?

A Project Review enables an organisation to monitor client satisfaction levels on a particular project as it is in progress and to take corrective action on the project should this be required. It also enables an organisation to assess the success of the project once it has been completed.

The Project Review process complements the Client Service Review process and can also play an important role in meeting the revised ISO 9001:2000 certification and audit requirements.

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